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Keith Davis


  • 6'3


  • 190 lbs +

Primary Player Position

  • Small Forward

Top Offensive Skills

  • Mid-Range Shooting

  • Offensive Rebounding

  • Attacking the Rim (Drives to the hoop)

Top Offensive Weaknesses

  • 3pt. Shooting

  • Slashing (Off-ball cuts)

  • Post Play

Top Defensive Skills

  • Talking on Defense (Call out screens, cutters, etc.)

  • 1 on 1 Perimeter Defense

  • 1 on 1 Interior Defense

Top Defensive Weaknesses

  • Steals

  • Blocks

  • Charges

Highest Level of Competition

  • College

What team and/or school did you play for?

  • Delta College

Game on the line, you have the ball, 5 seconds left, down by 2 points...what do you do?

  • Call a timeout to run a play that best fits the situation and personnel

What phrase best describes your basketball game?

  • 3-Level Scorer

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Keith Davis
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