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18+ Years Only

Adult Basketball Tournament

Follow the Steps Below

The Dreamerz JamFest is a 5 V 5 full-court indoor basketball tournament for adult players 18 & up only. Players register individually as a free agent player OR as a team to play. Team captains and teams will be announced periodically prior to the tournament and they will be equipped with all of the free agents' registration information to help them draft extra players. The draft will take place live on the morning of the event in the gym. Our draft system encourages players to build new relationships and compete with community members in a healthy competitive environment.

Dreamerz Only  - Signup Form Banners (15).png


Fill out and submit your online player registration form

Sign up as a team or an individual free agent player


Submit your player registration fee


Submit your team registration fee

Dreamerz Only  - Signup Form Banners (16).png
Dreamerz Only  - Signup Form Banners (17).png


Check your email for periodic updates

Arrive at Lodi Grape Festival at 8:30 AM on July 22nd


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